Hi there! This is my third blog, and I decided to write on an entirely different subject. I am a romantic by heart, always dreamed I would have a romantic boyfriend, and of course, an awesome proposal followed by a big wedding. However, life (G-d, the Universe, name it as you like) had other plans, and I ended up marrying an awesome, not-so-romantic guy. He proposed while we we riding a bus to his parents house (while standing, mind you). There was no knee-dropping, no ring, no flowers, nothing like that. A simple "Would you like to marry me" followed by a "Yes!!" and a kiss. Great moment for me, but not the romantic, elaborate, champagne- and-strawberries kind of proposal girly girls dream of. My wedding was also intimate and small, albeit a lot of fun.

So, what do I do now with all the dreams of a big, charming proposal? I don't plan to leave my hubby anytime soon, so another proposal is out of the question. Then I tough the best next thing would be to blog about it, gathering proposals from all over the world. Let's dream and sight together :) How did your honey propose? How was/is the proposal of your dreams? Did he/her propose to you? Or did you do the work?

Please write your proposals as comments, and I will post them as entries on the blog. Also, feel free to comment, and spread the word to your friends. Ladies, start writing! Moms and grandmas too, tell us about your proposal. My goal is to have lots of proposal stories, from all over the world, and not just from present times, but a collection of old and recent stories alike.